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Leadership Effectiveness Profile: Online Assessment

Authors: Jon Warner
This assessment is a 96 item, online questionnaire which produces a report on results in 8 leadership competencies. The assessment report produces coaching tips for development areas and provides worksheets for leadership development planning.






This assessment is a 96 item, online questionnaire of these 8 leadership competencies:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Contextual Thinking
  • Directional Clarity
  • Creative Assimilation
  • People Enablement
  • Reciprocal Communications
  • Change Orchestration
  • Drive/Persistence

    This model is based on research that effective leadership rests on base qualities like drive, emotional intelligence and creativity. These fundamentals are directed by goal clarity and communication skills, then further leveraged by people enablement and contextual thinking which come together in effective change orchestration -- the essence of leadership.

  • Leaders are encouraged to solicit feedback from other raters to capture 360-degree feedback. Data from other raters is displayed by category for comparison to "self" ratings.

    When to Use the Leadership Effectiveness Profile


    • With Leadership and management candidates.
    • As an introduction to leadership training activity to expose participants to the full breadth of important leadership behaviors.
    • With leaders and managers who may have stalled in their thinking and need to be re-energized.
    • With leaders and managers who are experiencing performance problems.
    • As the center piece of either a 1-day facilitated training on leadership or with the LEP Workshop in more comprehensive 2 to 3 day leadership training.



·        Leadership report — Includes a 10/10 report that lists your top ten strengths and top ten development needs, in rank order.

·        Flexibility – This multi-rater assessment can be used as a leader’s self-assessment or with supervisors, peers, and direct reports for 360-degree feedback.

·        Standardized — The LEP questionnaire and report format is standardized with 9 different competency-based, online assessments that are part of this package. Standardized administration and report formats shorten the learning curve for participants who may use several of these assessments over the course of a year.

·        Easy to administer – The online administrative component is easy for both administrators and participants, yet provides administrators key control over the distribution of results.

·        Relevant feedback – Rather than providing just simple lists of strengths and weaknesses, the LEP provides development needs imbedded in development planning templates that help make it easy for participants to take their next steps.



·        Measures 8 core leadership competencies through 96 items, with either self or 360 degree feedback.

·        Each behavioral item in the assessment is a positive leadership behavior.

·        Worded in simple, understandable and behavioral terms allowing any participant, regardless of education or English language proficiency, to understand and provide accurate ratings.

·        The report itself is broken into six smaller reports.  Reports begin with summary competency scores and drill down to behavioral specifics including coaching tips for development and course and reading suggestions.

·        In the online format, there is no limit to the number of raters who can be invited to provide feedback.