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Counterproductive Behavior Index
Every single day employees don't show for
work, steal cash and inventory, surf the web, e-mail on company time, and disrupt the workplace. It is burning up billions of pesos of profits and inventory each and every year.
About the CBI
The CBI is a contemporary integrity test—a cost effective screening procedure for identifying job applicants whose behavior,
attitudes, and workrelated values are likely to interfere with their success as employees. The CPB Index consists of an
objective questionnaire with 120 true/false
items that can be completed by
the job applicant in 10 to 15 minutes.

How the CBI Works

• The job applicant completes the true/false
   paper-and-pencil questionnaire in 10 –15              minutes.

• The hiring manager scores the results in                less than 60 seconds.

• The perfect solution for every business.

• Saves time and money.
Get the


Behavior Index to

Stop Bad Hires
The Counterproductive Behavior Index™
is the most cost-effective screening procedure to identify these high risk work-related attitudes and behaviors:
• Substance Abuse
• Dishonesty
• Computer Abuse
• Lack of Dependability
• Workplace Aggression
• Sexual Harassment
Available Online

The Online version of the CBI automatically
produces an extensive report that includes
behavioral interview questions linked to
incorrect answers.

An Administrator's Manual and Technical
Manuals are available printed or as free
PDF downloads.
  Sample Report